The premier tool for finding, tracking, and analyzing biomedical research grants and trends.



Your One Essential Tool for Multiple Applications

  • Field Sales Representatives
    • New Prospects: Track new grants to pinpoint specific laboratories and institutions to better identify and prioritize potential product and service interests.
    • Call Planning: Know the research areas before your calls to anticipate researcher interest, provide better service information, and make the best use of increasingly restricted call times with researchers.
    • Prioritize Your Field Time: Quickly review the funding resources of your customer base to focus more effectively.
  • Sales Management
    • Territory Alignment: Identify the geographic areas that are receiving the most funding—in the areas most critical to your business—to better align and focus your sales force.
  • Marketing
    • Communications: Create more targeted campaigns by matching product profiles with research areas for new product launches or to increase market share.
    • Market Intelligence: Beat your competition in reaching out to researchers with funding in specific areas.
    • Sales Training: Support and direct your sales force by combining training information with specific grant areas.
  • Product Development
    • Portfolio Management: Assess current funding levels of your market area to better manage your product development resources and product portfolio.
    • Track Trends: Understand the macro funding trends for specific product areas. Anticipate future growth areas.
  • Medical Science Liaisons
    • Identify Key Opinion Leaders: Locate and track leading researchers in specific research areas.
    • Scan and track individual research areas: Identify which researchers are doing work in your areas of interest.
  • Researchers:
    • Grant Writing: Discover which grants get funded and the amounts for each.
    • Track your colleagues and competitors: Quickly and easily track trends for your institution and grants in the same research area.


You Have Choices, Why NaviGRANT?

NaviGRANT’s was designed to help life science sales and marketing professionals to access customer funding information more effectively. It is an exceptional tool that will help you achieve the following business objectives:

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition: New grant updates can be automatically delivered to you and your team each week; they contain the information you need to make timely targeting and routing decisions.
  • Hit the Ground Running: NaviGRANT’s predefined reports are in the familiar Microsoft Excel® format, intuitively designed with life sciences sales and marketing professionals in mind.
  • Don’t Miss a Thing: Predefined or customized Market Baskets group grants by specifying related areas of research together so you can easily locate those grants that relate to your areas of interest.
  • Get Direction, Not a Data Dump: We can match NaviGRANT with your existing data or planned primary research to generate a vivid picture of your market place, showcase opportunities, and alert you to competitive threats.
  • Save Time: NaviGRANT applies our proprietary filtering technology to optimize your searches. You only access what you need, which saves you time and provides clarity and focus.
  • Dig Deep: NaviGRANT’s powerful analytics engine allows you to mine data to quantify new and unanticipated trends.