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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NaviGRANT?

NaviGRANT is an intuitive, online tool that lets you access life science grant award information, including grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), RePORTER database, and National Science Foundation (NSF). It is available to subscribers of the database. Click HERE for a video demostration. (Adobe Flash requried...)

How can this grant information help me and my team be more productive?

Research customers report that the most valuable communications come from matching products and services to their specific applications. In contrast, selling by 'walking around' the labs and 'shotgun' marketing communication programs are expensive and inefficient ways to communicate with your target audience. Your competitors are simply getting more sophisticated and aggressive about getting there first and taking market share from you. Making use of this grant information will help you identify more comprehensively which labs are the best match for your products and which labs can afford them. Every call and every contact that is not made on your target audience is an opportunity lost to focus on your potential customers.

A good portion of my business is focused on pharmaceutical and biotech targets. Will NaviGRANT help me with those?

Most of the grants awarded by the US government are to Medical Schools and other non-profit organizations. However, there are a significant number of SBIR grants included in NaviGRANT for research at small companies. Another trend impacting the value of this information is that many pharmaceutical companies have collaborations with academic labs to supplement their research programs. Although many of these are not publicized, labs that receive more government funding tend to be well-known and prime candidates for industry collaborations. It helps to track those key labs with NaviGRANT.

What grant information is included in the NaviGRANT database?

All current NIH Grants are included in the database as well as the SBIR and NSF grants that are specific to life science research. The grant information is collected, cleaned, and categorized so that NaviGRANT searches and reports pull together information you can act on.

Who can benefit from subscribing to NaviGRANT?

  • Sales Managers and Sales Representatives – Track funding for your targeted organizations and research areas. Identify specific grants and labs along with information about their research. Prepare effectively by understanding the research focus of each lab to be a valued resource.
  • Marketing – Track macro funding trends for specific product areas. Create targeted promotional campaigns for specific product areas or techniques.
  • Medical Liasons – Identify and track research areas for the top individuals working in each area.
  • Researchers – Easily track funding trends in a specific research area or institution or by individual researcher. This is helpful when writing grants or keeping up-to-date on awarded grants.

What are the advantages of NaviGRANT vs. the NIH RePORTER database?

The NIH RePORTER database is available to the public. However, using RePORTER for business purposes is cumbersome and difficult. For example, information pertaining to a single grant must be combined from multiple searches or files in order to obtain a comprehensive view of the grant. NaviGRANT collects all the important information for each individual grant so you can get it in a single search. The filters and flags in NaviGRANT enable you to find the grants you are interested in more efficiently and easily without manually sorting through extraneous information. You also have options in sorting and printing to make the information more useable in the field as well as in business reports. In addition, NaviGRANT collects other sources of data besides RePORTER so you get a better picture of a research lab and their funding.

What are Market Baskets?

Unique to NaviGRANT, Market Baskets cluster related grants together by research area or research techniques for analysis or tracking. Current pre-defined Market Baskets in NaviGRANT include apoptosis, biodefense, cell culture, gene expression, PCR/RT-PCR, signal transduction, protein structure/function, stem cells, western blotting, and RNAi. Subscribers also have the option of customizing Market Baskets for their own particular interests. Individual grants can belong to none, one, or several market baskets based on the research area they specify in their grant submission.

How do I subscribe and get started?

Affordable subscriptions to NaviGRANT for your organization are available on an annual basis. Contact Pete Korolkoff, VP Sales and Marketing, NaviGrant at 301-762-8438 or for pricing and assignment of user name and password. We would be happy to set up a demonstration of the database and answer any questions. There are a variety of subscription options available to fit your company's needs. Within 24-48 hours of subscribing, you will receive login information to access the database.

How do I export my reports to PDF, Excel, or CSV text files?

Once you have generated a NaviGRANT report, choose which type of file format you want and click “export.” Very simple and quick!

How do I print a report?

After you generate your report or search results, simply export the data to the program you wish to use (Excel or PDF) and select the print button for those respective programs. You can utilize "print preview" to see what the print-out will look like prior to printing.

How do I get a report delivered to an email address?

From the subscriber preferences page, choose the report you want to have delivered and frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly). You can change your preferences at any time.

What Internet browser does NaviGrant work with?

  • Internet Explorer versions 6 through 9
  • Current versions of Firefox
  • Current versions of Chrome
  • Current versions of Opera

What if I forget my username or password?

You can request your username and password by going to the NaviGRANT portal and entering your email address. An email will be automatically generated and sent to your inbox with the information.

How do I change my password or other preferences?

A password and user name will be assigned to you when you first subscribe. Once on the NaviGRANT home page, simply click on the preferences page and choose a new password. From this preferences page, you can also customize your delivery options and notification options.

Who do I contact if I have problems or questions about the site?

Contact Pete Korolkoff, VP Sales and Marketing, NaviGrant at 301-762-8438 or for troubleshooting.